Visit of the Ferme de l’Adroit

The Ferme de l’Adroit is a real culinary institution in Val d’Isère where you can admire animals raised with love and patience. The farm offers its products for direct sale and you can also buy them directly online on the dedicated website. If you are a fan of good food, then do not hesitate to visit the farm restaurant.

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The Ferme de l’Adroit in figures

  • 30 cows on the farm
  • 1850 meters above sea level, highest freestall in Europe
  • 200000 liters of milk produced, processed and sold by the farm per year
  • 49 floral species identified in their meadows
  • 100% of the hay given to their cows is produced in Val d’Isère by the farm
  • 18 products made on the farm


The concept

  1. A farm : For 3 generations La Ferme de l’Adroit has been opening the doors of the farm! Cows, hens, pigs, horses await you there.
  2. A shop : Direct or online sales: cheese, charcuterie, wine, honey, yogurt, eggs, jams, white cheeses…
  3. A restaurant : Live an authentic Savoyard experience in the old stable in the warmth of a fireplace: raclette, fondue, tartiflette, meat, fish…with a view of the cows!


The online store

Find below some examples of products form the farm sold online :

  • 1/2 Tomme cheese from Val d’Isère : Tomme, made from the cows’ milk, typical of Savoy, fruity and creamy. It has a flowery crust. Refined for 3 months
  • Fromage blanc 6 cottage cheeses of 100gr
  • White Cheese – 6 faisselles of 100gr
  • 6 small individual 100 gr cheese strainers to turn over in a bowl. Soft and fluffy cottage cheese
  • Blueberry Jam 440gr : The good taste of the fruit, from Savoyard agriculture. Each harvest is probed to calculate the level of sugar contained in the fruit and only add what is necessary. Due to its low sugar content, the jam does not recover and remains creamy and easy to spread!
  • Organic Pear Juice : Tender dried tenderloin, vacuum-packed, nitrite-free!
  • Pure pork sausage : Tender sausage with a well-worked seasoning to enhance the good taste of the pigs raised on the farm in Val d’Isère.
  • Beaufort summer : Summer Beaufort aged between 8 and 15 months, fruity and mellow, the flower explodes immediately in the mouth!
  • Raclette from Val d’Isere : Traditional raclette cheese, very soft, it will only produce cream in your raclette machine and no oil. Creamy with a fruity taste.
  • Whole pasteurized milk : Cow’s milk that has been pasteurized at 85°c to be able to keep it for 12 days after bottling it

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