Dogsled ride

By strolling on sleds pulled by dogs, our guests who have opted to rent a luxury chalet in Val d’Isère will discover the Manchet Valley in a new light. An incredible adventure in the company of magnificent Huskies and breathtaking landscapes! Contact our concierge to find out more or read this dedicated article.

Sled dog walking, an original activity available for reservation as part of the rental of the luxury Oxalis chalet

A sled dog ride is a recreational activity that allows participants to enjoy a unique experience as they are pulled by a team of specially trained dogs, usually huskies or Alaskan malamutes, on a sled through snowy landscapes. This activity is often practiced in areas where snow is abundant, such as the northern United States, Canada, Scandinavia, and other areas of the world suitable for winter sports, such as the Alps. Also, as part of renting a luxury chalet in Val d’Isère with Les Chalets du Fornet, our concierge service offers you the reservation of many original activities such as a walk with sled dogs or snowmobiling .

This is how a sled dog ride takes place:

First, preparation: before departure, participants receive instructions on how to stand on the sled, how to interact with the dogs, and safety instructions. Mushers, experienced sled dog drivers, supervise the entire activity.

Then the dog harness: the sled dogs are attached to a specially designed harness which is connected to the sled. Dog teams are usually made up of several dogs, with each dog having a specific role on the team.

Departure: once the dogs are attached to the sled and ready to leave, the excursion begins. The musher leads the dog team and the sled, while participants can sit comfortably inside the sled or, in some cases, help lead the team while standing in the back.

An outdoor experience: During the walk, participants can enjoy the winter landscape, the tranquility of nature and the soothing sound of dogs in action. It is an immersive experience that allows you to connect with nature and the tradition of sled dogs.

Return: Once the walk is over, the dogs and participants return to the starting point, where the dogs are untied and cared for.

Sled dog rides are popular for their fun and educational aspect, as they allow participants to better understand the relationship between humans and sled dogs, as well as the importance of these animals in northern regions. This activity is also a great opportunity to enjoy the winter beauty of snowy landscapes while being actively involved in the experience.

Why choose to rent a luxury chalet from Chalets du Fornet?

We are a couple of individuals offering a high-end chalet for weekly rental (Saturday to Saturday) in the charming hamlet of Fornet, a few minutes walk from the center of the very famous winter sports resort that is Valley of Isere.

The chalet is a vast residence with more than 200 square meters of living space, ideally located at the foot of the slopes of the famous Tignes – Val d’Isère ski area (Espace Killy).

Open all year round, the rental of this luxury chalet which can accommodate up to 10 people is an ideal opportunity for a dream stay in the mountains, whether it is a vacation with friends, family or for a professional seminar.

To find out more about the chalet rental conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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