Electric mountain bike on snow

The electric snow mountain bike, also known by the acronym e-MTB or VTTAE (Electricly Assisted Mountain Bike), is a variant of the mountain bike equipped with an electric motor which assists the cyclist when pedaling. Electric assistance allows users to navigate difficult terrain, such as snowy terrain, with less effort than on a conventional mountain bike. Discover in this article how to practice this original mountain activity in Val d’Isère in the Alps. And if you are looking for high-end accommodation for your winter or summer vacation, discover Les Chalets du Fornet, a luxury chalet rental offer with exceptional views of the Alps.

Practice e-MTB on snow

When ridden on snow, this type of bike is often equipped with wider tires with better grip and sometimes even studs, for optimal traction on slippery surfaces. These features allow cyclists to enjoy winter landscapes and ride in conditions where traditional bicycles would not be able to go, such as snowy or frozen trails.

The setting of the activities can vary, from leisurely strolls on snow-covered forest paths to more sporty descents on specially equipped trails. Because of the electric assistance, electric snow mountain biking is accessible to a wide range of riders, including those who might not have the fitness level necessary for traditional mountain biking.

In France, particularly in the Alps, this activity is gaining popularity and developing as an alternative to classic winter sports. Many ski centers and mountain resorts such as Val d’Isère in the Alps (Savoie) now offer the possibility of renting electric mountain bikes and offer circuits or trails adapted to this practice.

The offer available in Val d’Isère

To practice electric mountain biking on snow in Val d’Isère, the famous ski resort of the northern Alps, nothing is simple. Discover all the information you need to practice this original sport during your winter vacation:
The reference service provider for practicing this activity in Val d’Isère, whether on a mountain bike or FAT Bike, is Oxygène Val d’Isère, at the address BP110 Galerie des Cimes – 73150 Val d’Isère Cedex.
The company offers bike rides that can last 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes, accessible to all and priced from 59 euros.
Contact details for Oxygène Val d’Isère:

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