Ice Climbing


Are you looking for an original activity that provides thrills? Discover ice climbing, a real mountaineering discipline practiced in Val d’Isère on the La Daille icefall. And if you are interested in a high-end vacation in the French Alps, discover our luxury chalet rental offer in Val d’Isère. This article is provided to you by Les Chalets du Fornet, a chalet rental offer in the French Alps for large groups of up to 10 people. 

Glacial climbing: a mountaineering discipline complementary to rock climbing

Born in the 1970s, ice climbing or ice climbing was invented by extreme mountaineers in the mountains of the Alps. This activity remains dangerous because of temperature variations which can make the ice very hard and brittle or, on the contrary, very humid and therefore crumbly. It is also necessary to have solid experience in glacier climbing to practice this extreme sport.

Fortunately, it is entirely possible for beginners to practice ice climbing without danger, while being surrounded by professional climbers on suitable glacial structures.

Practice ice climbing in Val d’Isère

If you are spending your vacation in Val d’Isère and are tempted by ice climbing, know that seasoned local professionals offer this original mountaineering activity in complete safety.

Private or group lessons are offered by Yves Astier, the local specialist in the discipline, who will introduce you to ice climbing in the best conditions.

It is even possible to practice glacier climbing at night until 10 p.m. on the illuminated La Daille waterfall.

For more information, you can contact Val d’Isère Tourisme by telephone on 0033 4 79 06 06 60 or on 0033 7 77 08 09 76, by e-mail via the electronic address [email protected], or directly Yves Astier on this telephone number 0 0336 07 78 52 44 or this email address: [email protected].

Finally, please note that as part of the rental of a chalet, Les Chalets du Fornet offers to take care of the organization of ice climbing or any other activity in Val d’Isère and its surroundings thanks to a rental service. luxury concierge.

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