Are you looking for a massage establishment in Val d’Isère? Discover the main spa addresses for the well-being of your body and mind in the famous winter sports resort with Les Chalets du Fornet, a luxury chalet rental offer located 1.5 miles from the center of Val d’Isère for a dream stay in the mountains.

The main massage parlors in Val d’Isère

The massage parlor at the Avancher hotel

This three-star hotel offers, in addition to rooms and lodges, massage and sports coaching services accessible to everyone, even to people who are not guests of the hotel.

Address of the Avancher hotel: 554 Avenue du Prariond.

Telephone number: 04 79 06 02 00.

Alpine Shakti

Alpine Shakti offers traditional Indian massages called Ayurvedic massages as well as Yoga sessions. Alpine Shakti is located within the La Savoyarde hotel.

Alpine Shakti address: Hôtel La Savoyarde, rue Noël Machet.

Telephone number: 04 79 06 01 55.

Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage

This establishment offers physiotherapy, sports massage, traditional massage as well as pilates sessions in Val d’Isère, Tignes and Sainte Foy.

Address of Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage: Résidence Le Portillo, 409-415 Avenue Olympique.

Telephone number: 07 50 84 77 24.

Cloé Briand

This qualified osteopath practices sports massage in her practice located in the spa area of ​​the Hôtel Savoyarde. Which means that with Alpine Shakti and Cloé Briand’s office, the Hôtel Savoyarde offers two different massage solutions.

Address of Cloé Briand’s office: Hôtel La Savoyarde, rue Noël Machet.

Telephone number: 04 79 06 01 55.

The Val d’Isère Aquasports Center

The resort’s Aquasports Center offers massage sessions in its wellness area. Different massage options are offered:

  • Zen Massage
  • Cocooning hand/foot massage
  • My first massage
  • Relaxing Pure Altitude
  • Pure Altitude/sports ritual
  • By candle
  • Energy of the Alps
  • Pregnant woman
  • “Abhyanga” Ayurvedic Massage
  • Traditional foot reflexology
  • Kanzu Bowl Massage

Address of the Val d’Isère Aquasports Center: Route de la Balme.

Telephone number: 04 79 04 26 01.

Val d’Isère – Kineval Health Center

The resort’s health center offers massage sessions at Kineval with Robin Gervais, well-being masseur and vice-champion of France in Massage, just that…

Kineval address: 239 Avenue Olympique.

Telephone number: 04 79 22 78 60.

Elsa’s Cabins

This wellness area at the Le Val d’Isère hotel offers massage sessions and many other body care services.

Address of Cabanes d’Elsa: Hôtel le Val d’Isère, Place Jacques Mouflier.

Telephone number: 04 79 06 63 15.

Jo Pollard Physio

Joanne Pollard is a qualified physiotherapist who offers massages and many other body care services in her practice located in Kineval.

Address of Jo Pollard Physio: Kineval, 239 Avenue Olympique.

Telephone number: 06 69 77 61 12.

The Solaise Refuge

This luxury hotel has a wellness area offering numerous body treatments and aromatic massages.

Solaise Refuge address: Solaise cable car.

Telephone number for the wellness and spa area: 04 58 83 00 94.

The Pure Spa at the Tsanteleina hotel

This hotel also has a body wellness area called the Pure Spa. You can choose between many massage options.

Address of the Tsanteleina hotel: 1040 Avenue Olympique.

Pure Spa telephone number: 04 79 06 23 56.

Club Med Spa By 5 Mondes Val d’Isère

The Club Med spa in Val d’Isère, which is one of the largest alpine spas of the famous tourism organization (400 square meters), offers body massage sessions and many other treatments.

Spa address: La Légettaz.

Telephone number: 04 79 41 34 34.


This treatment space offers massages on site or at home with the expert hands of Corinne Monnier.

CoCoon address: Les Ecureuils.

Telephone number: 06 80 35 97 48.

The Sisley Spa in Barmes de l’Ours

The spa of this Val d’Isère hotel offers, among other body treatments, massages from around the world.

Address of Barmes de l’Ours: Montée de Bellevarde.

Telephone number: 04 79 41 37 00.

Massage Me

Present in Val d’Isère (La Daille – Crêt, Val d’Isère Centre, Fornet – Laisinant, Joseray – Le Châtelard, La Legettaz) and in most other resorts in the Espace Killy ski area such as Tignes or Bourg Saint Maurice, Massage Me is a network of body wellness professionals practicing their treatments in dedicated spaces or at home. The massage services offered are rich and varied:

  • Sports massage and deep tissue massage;
  • Swedish and relaxing massage;
  • Pregnancy massage.

Telephone number: 04 79 04 20 66.

The Guerlain Spa

This 5-star hotel spa in Val d’Isère, Airelles, offers treatments and massages in a luxury setting.

Address of the Airelles hotel: 145 rue de la Poste.

Guerlain Spa telephone number: 04 79 22 22 22.

Spa by Esthederm at the Avenue Lodge Hotel

This luxury hotel provides vacationers with a spa managed by the famous Esthederm treatment institute.

Address of the Avenue Lodge Hotel: Avenue Olympique.

Spa telephone number: 04 79 00 67 67.

It is therefore impossible not to find the right shoe for you given all these massage offers in the high-end spa centers in Avelin. Also note that when renting a luxury chalet in the hamlet of Fornet (barely 2 kilometers from the center of Val d’Isère) from Chalets du Fornet, you can opt for a luxury concierge service. who will take care of reserving your spa…

Learn more about Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage, also known as Abhyanga, is a form of traditional massage that originated in India and has been practiced for thousands of years. It is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic system of medicine that aims to balance the body, mind and soul to promote health and well-being.

Here is some information to remember about this particular type of massage:

Holistic approach: Ayurvedic massage is based on the principles of Ayurveda, which considers the person as a whole, taking into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. It aims to balance the doshas, ​​which are the three fundamental energies (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in the body.

Use of oils: Abhyanga involves the use of heated natural oils, usually of plant origin, such as sesame, almond or coconut oil. These oils are often enriched with specific herbs and extracts depending on the person’s dosha type.

Specific movements: Ayurvedic massage includes a variety of movements and techniques, such as effleurages, kneading, pressure and stretching, which aim to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, eliminate toxins and balance bodily energies.

A personalized massage: Ayurvedic massage is adapted according to the person’s dosha type, their needs and their general state of health. It may vary in intensity and duration depending on these factors.

Health Benefits: Ayurvedic massage is renowned for its many health benefits, including stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved circulation, relief of muscle tension, stimulation of the lymphatic system and support to the balance of the doshas.

A preventive and curative approach: Ayurvedic massage is used both for preventive purposes, to maintain health and prevent imbalances, and for curative purposes, to relieve various conditions and disorders.

It is important to note that Ayurvedic massage is often performed by practitioners trained in Ayurveda, as it requires an understanding of the principles of this traditional Indian medicine. Before receiving an Ayurvedic massage, it is recommended to consult a qualified professional to determine your dosha type and discuss your specific massage needs.