Snowshoe Hike in the French Alps

Would you like to go on a snowshoe hike in the Val d’Isère area? In this article, learn more about snowshoeing and discover the offer for a snowshoe ride in Val d’Isère in Savoie or in the surroundings of the famous ski resort in the Alps.

This article is brought to you by Les Chalets du Fornet, a chalet rental offer for 8 to 10 people at the foot of the slopes of the largest ski area in the Alps.

The principle of snowshoeing

The snowshoe is a piece of equipment designed for walking or hiking on deep snow. It allows a person to move more easily by distributing their weight over a larger area, which prevents their feet from sinking deep into the snow. Snowshoes are specially designed for use in winter conditions, including snowy, icy or uneven terrain.
Traditional snowshoes consist of a wooden or metal frame with a canvas stretched between them. The lower part usually has crampons or spikes to provide better grip on snow or ice. Modern racquets can be made from lightweight composite materials such as fiberglass-reinforced plastic, making them lighter and stronger.
Snowshoeing offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy winter nature, engage in outdoor activities and discover magnificent snowy landscapes, particularly in Savoie and the northern Alps. It is also an activity accessible to a wide range of people, regardless of their fitness level, making it a popular recreational activity in winter.

The offer in Val d’Isère

– The French ski school (ESF): ESF Center (Val Village), Place des Dolomites, 00334 79 06 02 34 (prices from 50 euros)
– Nicolas Montmasson: 00336.
– Montagne Evasion: 91 Route du Laisinant, 00336 09 12 12 07 (from 50 euros)
– Oxygène Val d’Isère: Galerie des Cimes, 00334 79 41 99 58 (from 115 euros)

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