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How to book a helicopter flight in the French Alps?

Booking a helicopter flight in the French Alps, whether for transportation to a ski resort like Val d’Isère, a scenic tour, or heli-skiing, involves a series of steps. Here’s a guide on how to arrange your helicopter experience:
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First of all determine the purpose of the flight:
  • Scenic Flight: for sightseeing and enjoying panoramic views of the Alps.
  • Heli-Skiing: for accessing remote skiing locations.
  • Transfer: to travel between airports, resorts, or other specific locations.
Then research Helicopter Companies: look for companies that offer helicopter services in the French Alps, such as Mont Blanc Hélicoptères, Heli Securite, or Air Zermatt. Check their offerings, safety records, fleet conditions, pilot experience, and customer reviews.
Choose Your Departure Point: major towns like Chamonix, Annecy, Grenoble or ski resorts like Val d’Isère, and airports like Geneva, Lyon, or Chambery are common starting points for helicopter flights in the Alps.
Decide on a Route or Package: for scenic flights, companies often have pre-defined routes showcasing major peaks, glaciers, and valleys. For heli-skiing, the company will usually have select drop-off points. For transfers, you’ll need to provide your exact pickup and drop-off locations.
Contact the Company: once you have chosen a company, contact them directly via their website or phone. Some companies offer online booking forms where you can specify your flight requirements.
Discuss Details: specify the date and time you prefer. Discuss the number of passengers, as this will determine the size of the helicopter. Talk about luggage requirements, especially if you’re transferring to a ski resort with equipment. Ask about weather policies, as flights can be weather-dependent.
Get a Quote: ask for a detailed quote including all costs such as landing fees if applicable.
Book the Flight: once you’re happy with the details and cost, book the flight. This will typically require a deposit. Confirm the booking by paying the deposit or full amount as required by the company’s policy.
Prepare for the Flight: ensure you have all necessary travel documents. Be clear on the meeting point and time for the flight. Understand the luggage limitations and dress code (if any, especially for heli-skiing).
Weather Considerations: be prepared for potential changes in your flight schedule due to weather, which is especially variable in mountain regions.
Safety Briefing: pay close attention to the safety briefing from the company, which will cover boarding procedures, in-flight safety, and protocols for heli-skiing drops if relevant.
Remember to book well in advance, especially during the high season in winter and summer, as helicopter flights can be very popular. Always ensure that the company you are booking with is fully licensed and compliant with all relevant aviation regulations. If you have specific requests or needs, it’s best to communicate these early in the booking process to ensure the company can accommodate them.

Helicopter in Val d’Isère

Do you want to have your first helicopter experience? To fully enjoy this unique experience, it is better to do it in the high mountains, so you can admire the exceptional landscapes offered by the massifs in France. Or are you passing through the Val d’Isère area and would like a helicopter flight? Or do you want to practice heliskiing? In Val d’Isère, a famous ski resort in the Alps, you will be spoiled for choice. Discover the offer:

Val d’Isère: the ideal place to discover the sensations of helicopter flight

What could be more exceptional to make your helicopter baptism dream come true than to do it in the high mountains? By flying above the French Alps, you enjoy a magnificent view of the largest mountain ranges in France, including the highest point, Mont Blanc. By using a helicopter you can also practice heliskiing, an extreme sport consisting of being dropped into very high mountains in order to practice skiing. In short, whether for a helicopter baptism or for skiing in extreme conditions, Val d’Isère is a reference in France.
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For a helicopter or heli-skiing experience, discover the many solutions available in Val d’Isère or nearby:

  • Savoie Hélicoptères: 00334 50 47 25 30
  • Héli Sécurité: 00339 78 46 00 09
  • Mont-Blanc Hélicoptère: 00334 50 92 78 00
  • Alpes Hélicoptères: 00334 58 02 00 16 or 00336 08 96 07 82

Finally, please note that when renting a luxury chalet in Val d’Isère with Les Chalets du Fornet, a concierge service is offered to you, including booking a helicopter flight. In short, it’s ideal for an unforgettable day with strong sensations and a grandiose panorama to discover! To go heliskiing, you can also enjoy a drop-off on the Italian sides of our mountains. Contact our concierge.