Snowmobiling in the French Alps

Snowmobiling is an essential experience for lovers of speed and mountains! After a short briefing by a professional, you will take the wheel of your snowmobiles to enjoy the snowy slopes of Pas de la Tovière, located between Mont-Blanc, the Face de Bellevarde and the Dôme de la Sache in Val d’Isère. Discover some key information on the practice of this original mountain activity in Val d’Isère (this article is brought to you by Les Chalets du Fornet, a luxury chalet rental service that can accommodate up to 10 people in the famous French ski resort in the Alps).

The snowmobile, a motorcycle for sliding on the snow

The snowmobile, also called a snowmobile, is specially designed to operate on snow-covered surfaces, which sets it apart from other types of off-road vehicles. The snowmobiles are equipped with skis at the front for steering and a wide track at the rear which allows you to ride on snow. They are powered by an internal combustion engine, generally powered by gasoline. Snowmobiles are used for a variety of activities, including transportation in snowy areas, enjoying winter sports such as snowmobile touring, ski-dooing, or snowmobile racing.

These vehicles are particularly popular in regions with abundant snow, such as Canada, the United States, Scandinavia and other northern regions, as well as in some mountainous regions in France, such as Val d’Isère. Snowmobiles have evolved over the years to become more efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly thanks to the adoption of more modern technologies and more efficient engines.

In addition to snowmobiling, many standout activities can be practiced in Val d’Isère:

Ice climbing
– Ice diving
– Ice climbing
– Electric mountain biking on snow
– Snowmobiling in Val d’Isère

Snowmobiling in Val d’Isère

The MTG Val Motoneige company offers an efficient snowmobile rental service in Val-d’Isère. Located on the esplanade of the sports complex, Rue de la Face, MTG Val Motoneige is open every day of the week, Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Their contact details:

– Telephone: 00336 69 07 63 61
– Website:

Note that this activity can be booked through our concierge service which is offered as an option to the rental of our Oxalis chalet. This luxury chalet is available for rental all year round, can accommodate up to 10 people, and is ideally located at the foot of the slopes of the famous Alpine ski resort.