Starred or gastronomic restaurants

Fine gourmets planning to spend their vacation in Savoy should all go to Val d’Isère: in fact, there are lots of starred and gourmet restaurants in the Savoyard resorts, particularly in Val d’Isère. Discover the main addresses with Les Chalets du Fornet, a luxury chalet to rent in this famous French ski ressort :

 The starred restaurants of Val d’Isère

L’Altiplano 2.0

This restaurant specializing in the very famous Peruvian cuisine offers a tempting menu that should delight lovers of cuisine with multiple influences.

Located at 143 Avenue du Prariond (at the location of the luxury hotel K2 Chogori), Altiplano 2.0 is open in the evening every day of the week.


La Table de l’ours

The resort’s third Michelin-starred restaurant, Table de l’Ours, offers modern and inventive cuisine. To taste it, epicureans will have to wait until the winter season…


Adress: Les Barmes de l’Ours, 100 Montée de Bellevarde.


Note that the resorts of Tignes and Courchevel, near Val d’Isère, are also very well equipped with Michelin-starred restaurants.


Non-starred gourmet restaurants


L’Edelweiss is a gourmet restaurant which, like Bistrot Gourmand, is located in the charming hamlet of Fornet, a few hundred meters from the center of Val d’Isère. The chef offers refined and innovative cuisine that should delight all taste buds. The particularity of Edelweiss? It is open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


L’Arbre de Vie

L’Arbre de Vie restaurant, located in the Galerie des Cimes, offers mountain specialties, traditional and vegetarian cuisine, as well as flavors from around the world in a friendly setting every evening from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.


La Peau de Vache

This high-altitude restaurant, ideally located on the Bellevarde face, welcomes skiers every day of the winter season from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. La Peau de Vache will offer you typical dishes of French cuisine in a family atmosphere and in a typical Savoie chalet.


L’Etable d’Alain

The restaurant of the famous Ferme de l’Adroit, L’Etable d’Alain, offers gourmet cuisine using farm products. By going there, not only will you taste farm products cooked in an authentic setting, but you will also be able to visit the adjoining farm and buy local farm cheeses.


The restaurant of the Avancher hotel

Chef Olivier Nuret offers exceptional cuisine from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive to all gourmets wishing to taste it, whether guests of the Avancher hotel where the restaurant is located or not. Note that the house specialty, its old-fashioned raclette, is the only one in Val d’Isère to be prepared scrupulously following the traditional process, namely that the raclette is browned under the restaurant’s central oven and then directly served on the plate.

Note that this list of non-starred gourmet restaurants in Val d’Isère is not exhaustive and is intended to be supplemented over time.

For your information, this article is brought to you by Les Chalets du Fornet, a luxury chalet rental in Val d’Isère which offers you a concierge service as an option for rental, including reserving your gourmet restaurant.

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In short, for lovers of good things, Val d’Isère is THE resort which offers the greatest number of gourmet restaurants. In this authentic village of Haute Tarentaise, we retain our taste for local and tasty products. Contact our concierge.

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